Living in the Marvel universe

I’ve been immersed in the Marvel universe recently, mainly due to the excellent new shows Disney+ have been churning out at rapid rate. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘WandaVision’ and ‘The Falcon & the Winter Solider’ – they filled the gap on Fridays that ‘The Mandalorian’ had left. Although I understand ‘Loki’ will be airing on a Wednesday … Continue reading Living in the Marvel universe

Future Plans – fantasy location edition

Last month I posted a list of UK locations I’d like to visit once the world gets calmer and the idea of global travel gets taken for granted again. At this very moment I’d be happy just to be able to visit Liverpool – this week I missed the chance to see Doctor Who filming … Continue reading Future Plans – fantasy location edition

Real Fake News Building

There’s a moment of delight when you discover that somewhere you assumed was just set turns out to be a real place. This happened when my now husband and I were planning our trip to New York in 2018 and I bought a copy of a New York DK Eyewitness Guide to do some research. … Continue reading Real Fake News Building