Close encounters of the Hobbit kind

Flashback Friday! I recently discovered all my travel souvenirs from my 6 months travelling through West Coast USA, New Zealand and Australia back in 2007. In amongst the postcards, flyers and CDs of my pictures was my journal. I kept a sort of diary of some of the places and experiences I had, mainly film … Continue reading Close encounters of the Hobbit kind

Middle Earth memories

In 2007 I visited New Zealand and I worked for a few months in a backpacker hostel in Christchurch to help fund my adventures. There were a lot of things I really wanted to do while I was in the country; whale watching in Kaikoura, boat trip through Milford Sound, star gazing at Mount Cook, … Continue reading Middle Earth memories

Living in the Marvel universe

I’ve been immersed in the Marvel universe recently, mainly due to the excellent new shows Disney+ have been churning out at rapid rate. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘WandaVision’ and ‘The Falcon & the Winter Solider’ – they filled the gap on Fridays that ‘The Mandalorian’ had left. Although I understand ‘Loki’ will be airing on a Wednesday … Continue reading Living in the Marvel universe