In February this year I wrote a bucket list of ten film locations I wanted to visit in the UK once the pandemic crisis had reduced, and we were all free to travel and stay over in hotels without the fear of another lockdown. I’m pleased to say I’ve been able to tick off three.

My husband and I took a long-awaited holiday down south at the end of July. We got to show off places to each other that we’d been to separately, as well visiting a few places new to both of us. Doctor Who quarries and strange and quirky film locations have always been of mutual interest to us, and with a little bit of planning’ we managed several in our week long trip. 

The three main ones we ticked off were :-

·  Aldbourne, Wiltshire – Doctor Who location featured in the classic 1970s story ‘The Daemons’.

·  Wells, Somerset – Doubled as Sandford in the film ‘Hot Fuzz’.

·  Wookey Hole, Somerset – Used in multiple Doctor Who stories.

I also paid a return visit to Winspit Quarry as my husband hadn’t been there before. I was also curious to see if it had changed at all because it had been used at the start of summer for as a location for the new Disney+ Star Wars series ‘Andor’.

And also, so conveniently placed on our return journey it would have been rude not to pop by, was the Warmley Waiting Room and its famous lavatory. Not an actual location but it has a TARDIS loo which makes it a must see. A former railway station, the platform café is a welcome stop for walkers and cyclists. For us it provided a much needed bacon baguette and latté after an exciting drive through the Cheddar Gorge that morning in torrential rain. The TARDIS loo didn’t disappoint. A custom build with a tiled floor, it was rather luxurious!

We felt no shame in taking selfies with a toilet, it wasn’t our first time. There was a bar called the Way Station in Brooklyn, NYC that we visited mainly because that had a TARDIS loo – the 11th Doctor himself Matt Smith along with Karen Gillan and Stephen Moffat were amongst some of its famous patrons – we were in good company!

I’ve several blog posts to write up now so look out for exciting accounts of our travels including: Buying Cornettoes and looking for swans in Sandford. Realising that the Disney production team on Star Wars Andor really, really like to be beside the seaside. Searching for evidence of Devil worship and a decent pint in a sleepy English village. Discovering your accommodation featured in an episode of ‘The Hotel Inspector’ when you check into the room…

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