It is possible to be disappointed with a location, but I always try not to set my expectations too high. It’s usually the places you’ve most longed to visit which can lead to the biggest anti-climax. Fortunately, I’ve had more hits than misses during the years location wanderings I’ve had. Although I speak as one of the thousands of tourists who have visited ‘Ramsey Street’ from the Australian soap opera Neighbours each year and have instantly said “But it looks so much bigger on the telly!”.

Last month I had a fantastic trip to New York with my boyfriend and now fiance Andy. (The Empire State Building should get a full blog entry of its own #isaidyes.) When two location geeks holiday together, double the sights! Plenty to write about for years to come from a single week in the Big Apple – so many locations, so little time. In Central Park alone we managed to bag a Doctor Who and The Avengers location simultaneously. With so many familiar places to visit you’re bound to get surprise when one doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

One New York location which wasn’t high on my list to see but certainly worth trying to find if we were in the neighbourhood was the Men in Black Headquarters which was used in the Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones ‘Men in Black’ films. One evening we headed to the Battery Park area for a night on the town. (Highly recommend the utterly magical Seaglass Carousel by the way).

Now this was something like I was expecting to see…


It was dark when we visited it which was probably for the best as it wasn’t at its most photogenic to say the least. The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Ventilation Building is currently surrounded by fencing and is part of a much larger construction and redevelopment project. The building isn’t going anywhere but it’s not going to be in any more movies anytime soon. Now I know the next time I see MIB I’ll just picture railings and a couple of port-a-loos! The Hollywood glamour has now sadly gone!


We also got a glimpse of another location in the first MIB film – the site of the 1939 and 1964 New York’s World Fair. You can just spot the very sci-fi looking towers as you pass by in your taxi from JFK Airport. It’s now Flushing Meadows – Corona Park which I would certainly want to visit if I went back.

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