These are your first steps…

Next month sees the next Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. For at least one evening I did consider going until common sense sadly prevailed! I’ve been to two Celebrations so I’m fortunate – Essen in Germany 2013 was my first and London last year was brilliant. I’m planning to watch all the stuff happening online this time. I had friends watching from the comfort of their sofa seeing things I missed even though I was there!
Star Wars Celebration London has actually inspired my main holiday this year…

Full marks to the Irish Tourist Board for taking a stand to the London Excel to promote the Star Wars VII The Force Awakens filming locations. They recreated those steps from the end of the film which Rey walks up in her search for Luke. Of course I couldn’t resist a cheesy photo opportunity!
I had a chat with a very engaging young Irishman and got a tote bag of leaflets and magazines featuring the places I should visit. Sold. Flights booked, hotels booked, car hire booked….and finally last week I managed to reserve a boat trip that should land on Skellig Michael. Frankly getting Glastonbury tickets sound easier to get, had at least an hour of “website is experiencing heavy traffic”. Within a few hours of going online all the summers landing trips had been reserved – ALL of them. I have read that the Ring of Kerry and Skellig are 2017 ‘must see’ tourist destinations – for the first time in my life I’m totally on-trend!
Can’t wait until May! Now to decide – do I go in my full Rey cosplay outfit or just take a lightsaber…


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