Living in the Marvel universe

I’ve been immersed in the Marvel universe recently, mainly due to the excellent new shows Disney+ have been churning out at rapid rate. Thoroughly enjoyed ‘WandaVision’ and ‘The Falcon & the Winter Solider’ – they filled the gap on Fridays that ‘The Mandalorian’ had left. Although I understand ‘Loki’ will be airing on a Wednesday … Continue reading Living in the Marvel universe

Future Plans – fantasy location edition

Last month I posted a list of UK locations I’d like to visit once the world gets calmer and the idea of global travel gets taken for granted again. At this very moment I’d be happy just to be able to visit Liverpool – this week I missed the chance to see Doctor Who filming … Continue reading Future Plans – fantasy location edition

It’s all happening in the North West

It’s been interesting to see the film and television industry continuing during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I saw first-hand the steps in place for ‘The Batman’ filming in Liverpool last October – including facemasks and checkpoints. I’m grateful that production on shows and movies has carried on in a safe manner – it means employment … Continue reading It’s all happening in the North West

Future plans

“Choosing location is integral to the film: in essence, another character” Ridley Scott, director With spring approaching and the UK Government making talk of ending lockdown in a controlled manner there is hope of adventures to come. I’m not even considering going abroad this year so if the chance comes to take a few days … Continue reading Future plans